The Fresh Start For Life Podcast

Attorney Don Golden is Board Certified in Consumer Bankruptcy by the American Board of Certification. Over the last 22 years he has helped over 4,000 families discharge more than $80,000,000 in debt and get a Fresh Start. However, over the last few years he has sensed that he was being called to do more. He decided that he not only wanted to help consumers discharge their debt, he also wanted to help them rebuild their financial lives after bankruptcy. That’s why he founded Fresh Start For Life and the Fresh Start For Life Podcast. This show will help you get out of debt and start living the financial life of your dreams. We teach consumers how to navigate debt issues, rebuild credit, budget, save for retirement, and take control of their lives with a positive mental attitude. But you don’t have to have filed bankruptcy to listen to the show. There’s plenty of great content for anyone who is looking for information to help them live a better financial life.

You Need a Budget With Bobbi Olson

What’s the most important thing when it comes to going from broke and bankrupt to financially free? Learning to manage your money. And the most important part of managing money is knowing how to budget. Figuring out a budget often strikes people as scary...

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Playing with Fire

Playing With fire sounds dangerous, but the FIRE movement is actually not about danger. In a way, it’s more about safety – or at least, having a safety net. Today, it’s not realistic to plan to work for the rest of your life. People are living longer...

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Don’t Ignore Your Credit Card Debt Problem

What can happen when you fall behind on your credit card payments? Most people know that they can expect a hit to their credit score and perhaps phone calls from creditors, but often they believe that since the debt is unsecured, nothing more serious can...

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Apology and Announcements

The intention for the Fresh Start for Life podcast is to release a new episode every two weeks, but unfortunately, sometimes things get in the way of keeping up with that goal. In this episode, you’ll hear an apology for falling behind as well as some...

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Teaching Kids About Money Part 2 – Budget

What kinds of expenses does your teenager have? Which ones are your responsibility, and which ones should be their responsibility? What’s the best way to teach a teenager to make a budget? Today’s episode will address these questions and more.Today’s...

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Teaching Kids About Money Part 1 – Work

How are your children learning about money? As a society, we may not be doing everything we should be doing to teach children about how money works – where it comes from, how to get it, and what to do with it when you have it. These lessons aren’t taught...

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